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1. Pre-book completing the details below and copy and paste and
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Telephone: Sydney: (61 2) 9736 3400  or  
                     Melbourne:  (61 3) 9001 8424
Fax to Head Office Australia:
Fax: (61 2) 8765 1211

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Nerd-a-Gram™  --->more?
A Telegram that any other gift can't give. For that event where you want the recipient/s to never forget this occasion...and they won't!

* Indicate the "Nerd-a-Gram Singing Telegram" Package you want by selecting package 1 or 2.
Then complete the details directly below the chosen package:

1. Corporate Party Santa/Customised Santa
Santa Enters in the classic Red & White Suit Singing Carols

2. Children's Party Santa

Would you like a Uniquely created Original Poem?
This will be written about your Company & staff
by our in-house poet.

Yes, uniquely created

Would you like a Uniquely created
Original Poem?

Yes, uniquely created

Included in this package is: Included in this package are
Santa's Workshop Games:

Greetings from the Singing Santa
Santa’s Naughty and Nice List Segment                    
(A Pressie List Form will need to be completed by you)
Santa Handing out Treats and Sweet
Your Personal Christmas Greeting read out by Santa

Santa’s Helpers working with 1Hammer I wrote a letter to Santa!
Pass the present
FREE Optionals are: Also included in this package is:
Singing and Dancing (Optional)
Photo Opportunity-All I want for Xmas (Optional)
Prizes (Optional)
Games - Under the Mistletoe (Optional)
Any other ideas you may want Santa to do
i.e.  Awards
Photo Opportunity-All I want for Xmas
Singing and Dancing
Hands out Treats and Sweets

Select an event type 
Corporate Function/Occasion
Private Occasion

Select an Event type 
Corporate Function/Occasion
Private Occasion

Would you like additional gifts or services added to your package?

Would you like additional gifts or services added to your package?











* Message on Card to Read: (Up to 45 words only)
* Extra Details: (Please telll us what you would like incorporated into your Santa Performance) as well as any other information which may be useful to the performer)

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Package Cost

1.  Now Just Print this form and fax it to:
61 2 8765 1211

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2.  Or Cut and Paste and email it as an attachment to:

Time if Requested:

3.  Or post it to: P.O Box 555 Concord 2137 NSW Australia

Total Cost:

Inclusive of G.S.T.
(Office Use ONLY) 

Authorization #

**Terms & Conditions may apply depending on delivery situation
***All prices quoted are approximate and are subject to change.
A non-refundable deposit of $95.00 is required with each booking.

Ph +61-2 9736 3400
Fax +61-2 8765 1211
P.O Box 555,
Sydney   Australia
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